About The Oasis Restoration Center

Welcome to North Miami!  In the middle of the city there is a great place where you can find hope and peace!  The Oasis Restoration Center was founded by Pastor Alejandro Martinez in 1998. 

Miami is a beautiful city where the very rich and the very poor live in close proximity.  It’s a city of beautiful art, beautiful people and beautiful beaches. But also a place of sadness, and poverty.

In the heart of this, there are many poor and suffering people who need hope.  They need Jesus.  He is the truth, the way and the Life.  John 14:16.   Pastor Martinez immigrated to the United States, educated at the Rhema Bible College in Oklahoma.  He applied for citizenship and then began a ministry in Hollywood, Florida to help the the helpless, the homeless and the hungry. We provide for the needs of the people with resources and with the Word, the Bread of Life.

Pastor Martinez believes that when we meet the needs of those around us, we can lift them up, and bring peace to their lives.  Showing them the way through Jesus Christ is the answer.

Since 1998, The Oasis Restoration Center has provided, shelter, food, clothing and counseling to thousands of individuals and families. Helping them on a path to self sufficiency. 

We are a non denominational and non profit organization.  We appreciate your assistance in volunteers, finances and resources.  The Oasis would not be where it is today without our Lord and without your support. 

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